Winter Weather Procedures

Telephone Information Service – Guidance for Parents

Schools now have a dial-in service if there is a risk of closure due to adverse weather.  This allows parents to listen to a recorded message from the Head Teacher.  When severe weather warnings are received your school will endeavour to keep the system updated.  It is an enhancement to the present service and does not replace existing methods of giving out information, such as radio broadcasts, described in the schools Adverse Weather Guidelines.

There are other features of this service which may be available for your school. These are described below. 

How to use the service.

Dial Highland Council’s access number – 0800 564 2272

Now enter your own school’s pin number 04 2240

You have two attempts to enter the pin number and you will be disconnected

after a second failed attempt.  If this happens, check the number and redial. If you still have a problem check with your school.

You will now hear the school’s name.  Ensure that this is correct before going on.

You will now be taken to the MAIN MENU where you will be given 4 options:

Press 1 to hear your school’s message about the adverse weather for example whether or not the school is to close or if transport arrangements have been affected.

Press 4 to enter the pin number for another school within the authority. Parents may have children who attend different schools. This option allows you to move from one school’s messaging service to another without having to dial in again.  Other services whereby parents can leave a message for the school are not being used at present.

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