Our Vision Statement

To make sure we get it right for every child at Inver Primary, we hold a vision that every child will be given opportunities to be:

  • A successful learner
  • A confident individual
  • An effective contributor
  • A responsible citizen

To achieve this we will ensure that each child is

  • Safe – protected from abuse, neglect of harm

  • Healthy – supported in learning to make healthy and safe choices: having the highest attainable standards of physical and mental health: access to suitable healthcare
  • Achieving – supported and guided in their learning and development of their skills
  • Nurtured – having a nurtured place to live in, providing additional help if required
  • Active – to have opportunities to take part in play, recreation and sport
  • Respected and Responsible – to be listened to and involved in decisions that affect them: be given active and responsible roles and opportunities to boost confidence and self-esteem: appropriate guidance as required
  • Included – accepted as part of the school community: given support to overcome any inequalities

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